Thursday, February 02, 2006

Coachella and Bonaroo musical lineups announced...guess who?!

Ardent concert-goers were given a treat yesterday in the form of the lineups for the Coachella and Bonaroo music festivals taking place in Indio, California on Saturday, April 29. Coachella is the one event of the two that I am most familiar with, and from what I know it is an extremely important and popular event for many people, only appearing once a year. I know of several people off the top of my head that have been to Coachella more than twice, and they always say it is a great time.

Well, it looks as if this year may be even better as the one and only, the truly magnificent Matisyahu will be playing at Coachella, headlined by Depeche Mode, including nearly eighty other bands such as Franz Ferdinand, Modest Mouse, and Common. Matisyahu will be bringing G-d down to the people at Coachella, noted for its "edginess" which "makes it the music festival of choice for hipster types."

And I think that is the most magnificent thing of all. We, as Jews, a people who rarely have the chance to see an "obviously" Jewish performer permeate the airwaves of Jewish and gentile society, are witnessing something practically unparalelled with the divine rise of Matisyahu.

Check out the article I read on Yahoo! (there isn't much about Matisyahu but at least you'll know I wasn't lying). Tickets range from $85 to $165, but (I think) worth it if you have the money.

P.S. I will post a reflection of the Forgotten Refugees film showing A.S.A.M.E. (as soon as mid-terms end).

P.S.S I'm hoping tomorrow


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