Sunday, June 04, 2006

Gmail now available in Hebrew and Arabic

Google has recently made available Hebrew and Arabic as languages for Gmail users. You can already set your account to be displayed in many other languages such as Swedish, Russian, Romanian, and Suomi, but Hebrew and Arabic took a bit longer to implement. Here's the official announcement:
Two more Gmail languages

We've just launched Arabic and Hebrew language interfaces for Gmail, as well as several new features that will improve the Gmail experience for the people using those interfaces. (You can change the Gmail language interface on the Settings page in your account.)

This was my first project at Google, and I ended up learning a lot about Arabic and Hebrew by talking to native speakers. I'm really pleased to have worked on a launch that will help some of these folks use Gmail and make it available to even more users (we now offer 40 different language interfaces).

They allow you to write your messages either from right to left or left to right, which is a pretty neat feature. When I switched mine to the Hebrew display, I realized how little of the language I really know. Maybe if I keep my Gmail in Hebrew I could improve, but this could be really fun and useful for all you native Hebrew and/or Arabic speakers.

Email me at jewslug [at] if you don't have Gmail and I will send you an invite if you would like, as that is the only way to sign up for an account.


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