Thursday, August 17, 2006

Webbe rebbes...

Shalom Everyone,

The secret life of Rakdannit427 in the Big (organic) Apple... Well if there is any interest on that I will report more later. But first:

I will be writing an article on "ask the rabbi" web sites. Of course, some of you might be thinking - old news! This isn't a breaking story, but a somewhat comprehensive assessment of how these sites are effecting Jews (esp. the young and unaffiliated) in the ten years or so since they've existed.

If you have used an "ask the rabbi" site and would like to be interviewed for a JTA ( article please write back to: reporter at jta dot org or call (212) 643-1890 ext. 219 or call my cell if you have that. The sooner you call, the better since I will (hopefully) be finishing the article by Sunday night (Sunday is a work day for me).

(What an exorbitant usage of parentheses for someone who is so opposed to them otherwise.)




Blogger G-D SQUAD said...

Oh my goodness! I saw "rebbe" in the title of that post, and I thought for sure it was going to be by FB! Rakdannit! Aw, I miss my JewniProj crew who are now doing better things in far-flung corners of the globe... Shabbat shalom, one and all.

And, btw, I have used AskMoses a couple times, if you still need interviewees.

Fri Aug 18, 07:50:00 PM 2006  

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