Monday, January 02, 2006

Eight Crazy Nights Mamish

I think we can all rest assured that much light was spread, both physical and spiritual, the past eight days. Chanuka in Southern California started off with a bang at the Avalon in West Hollywood with Subliminal and TACT from Israel. Pictured here is Itzik Shamli lighting the menorah at the beginning of the show, brochas and all. The show itself was hecka amazing, and the whole crew gave an energetic and lively performance.
The third night of Chanuka was the largest Chanukah celebration on the West Coast of California at Universal Studios City Walk in Hollywood. Avraham Fried and 8th Day both performed, and the two brothers from Spy Kids and baseball player Gabe Kaplar lit the menorah. "Produced by Chabad of the Valley, the... event was graced with many political leaders including United States Congressman Brad Sherman as well as representatives of the Police Department, Fire Department and the US Armed Forces." I heard there were 'thousands' of people in attendence, and while I can't verify numbers, the pictures speak for themselves.
UCSC's own Rabbi Shlomie Chein, Rebbetzin Devorah Leah Chein, and their sons Mendel and Dovid were in attendence, along with Rebbetzin Baily Friedman, and Chaya Laio.
And of course, on the seventh night of Chanuka Matisyahu performed at Belly Up Tavern in San Diego, but had enough time to provide a JewniProj photo op before the show. We also have an exclusive live recording of the last thirty minutes of the show, which includes new songs from the upcoming 'Youth' CD, hopefully to be posted here pretty soon.
And the last night of Chanuka, the Booksteins from Beach Hillel and Jewlicious at the Beach v2.0 had a gathering for latkes and apple fritters at their house, and Rabbi Bookstein jammed.
Yes, it was quite a Chanuka.


Update: I uploaded two recordings from my time at the Booksteins', available Here (01) and here (02). The first is Rabbi Bookstein giving over a few words before lighting the menorah, and the second is while he was jamming after the lighting. Sorry for the quality, I was recording audio with my camera, you know how it goes. Enjoy!


Blogger Rabbi Yonah said...

Thanks for recording this!
It was such a huge simcha to have you at our home for the last candle, keep spreading the light up there and see you soon down here! And yes, your musical rebbe is joining us for Shabbos with his family!

Sat Jan 28, 08:33:00 PM 2006  

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