Wednesday, February 22, 2006

No More Socks, Rocked Off At Jewlicious At The Beach v2.0

On the evening of Sunday the 19th, the Long Beach Alpert JCC played host to a fabulous lineup of Jewish musical artists. The event was terrifically MC'd by our homegirl Esther from and MyUrbanKvetch - let's all give her a super duper SHKOYECH for playing babysitter to a shmillion cranky college students.

First on stage were the Makkabees, a heavy metal band. They featured a selection of camp-style traditional songs with their own creative take on the music. Consider crossing famed metal band Metalica with Hassidic standards of Shlomo Carlebach. They re-envisioned such classic tunes as "Ani Ma'amin" and "Hinei Ma Tov." Their set would have only been more complete if they finished by shouting "Next year in Jerusalem..AHHHHHHHHHH..oy!!!!"

Next, Rabbi Yonah brought in sweet sounds with his jam band Shankbone. They sang a fulfilling set of hassidic songs, including "Eliyahu Hanavi."

Next up was Rav Shmuel, who presented his own songs about actors and tractors. He shocked the crowd with a song about Indians, but finished off his set with his one hit wonder, "Protocols of the Elders of Zion", prefacing the song with "if you believe this song, you are an anti-semite."

Last, DJ SoCalled (aka Josh Dolgin), accompanied by Beyond the Pale, rocked the house with their mix of Hip Hop and Klezmer. Shout out to D, who truly shone with her adaptation of the Cowboy song. Major props to Socalled for his rendition of Ballabusta (not ball buster!).

There was even a fashion show by Evey Rothstein and her label Glamorous Rebel. Backing up the entire production was my man Eric and the Couch DJs. Overall, one awesome night. Cant wait to see you all next year guys!


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