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They're Calling It 'Civil War' And 'The End of Religious Zionism'

Haaretz reported on Thursday, February 2nd:
Hundreds of young people gathered around the nine stone houses, built barricades from interlocking bricks, used crowbars to dig out rocks from the hilly ground and arranged them in piles. One youth walked by us with a tire around his neck, on his way to one of the buildings. His friends helped him lift it onto the roof. Three more young people came by, carrying heavy coils of barbed wire, on their way to setting them up on one of the rooftops. From one roof, protesters lowered ropes that were then tied to cinder blocks; they brought the cinder blocks up and stacked them on the roof's edge, near the tires. It was clear that the blocks would ultimately be thrown at the heads of police officers who would come to evacuate them. And that indeed happened.
Full article here.

On the same day, the Jerusalem Post reported:
The National Union said Wednesday that the cops' beatings of its MKs marks the beginning of our democracy's end. Did they suggest this rationale when Arab MKs were attacked by border policemen while obstructing the construction of the anti-terror fence? They didn't, and rightly they didn't, because demonstrating against the elected government's policies is one thing, and physically undoing them is another. Mounting the bulldozers at Amona, as Elon did, was just that kind of affront, and as such embodied not the heroism Elon would like us to see in it, but the anarchism that his archenemies who occasionally attack the fence espouse.
Full article here.

Haaretz reported on Friday, February 3rd:
The pictures from Amona were difficult. The violence carried out by the rioters, deliberately and intentionally, even crossed the blurred and dangerous borders the settlers have established in previous clashes with the police and the army. The police officers who came to implement the evacuation order were received with insults, and were hit and attacked by a barrage of rocks and pieces of metal. Many were wounded. All endangered their lives in carrying out the assignment.
Full article here.

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Definitely not good for the Jews.


Anonymous Rakdannit427 said...

Can everyone see the different angles here? It's a matter of perspective. Either way, it's a tragedy.

Tue Feb 07, 01:21:00 AM 2006  
Blogger G-D SQUAD said...

Yeah, it is a tragedy no matter what angle you take. Watch videos here and here, but I warn you, THEY CONTAIN SERIOUS VIOLENCE AND BLOOD! Not for the squeemish.

Tue Feb 07, 01:07:00 PM 2006  
Blogger Fedora Black said...

The truth is that you need to be careful who you sleep with, as someone is going to get screwed.

The religious Jews who jumped into bed with secular Zionists in their egarness to follow the philosophies of Rav Kook and others, that the founding of the State of Israel was the begining of the Geulah. Every inch of land farmed, cultivated, and made fruitful again would bring us closer to the End of Time. Now that their land is being given away left and right to purchase a peace that will never be given, how else are they supposed to feel?

Tue Feb 07, 06:15:00 PM 2006  
Blogger Fedora Black said...

And while we are on the subject, here is an interesting comment by the recent Nobel Prize winner from Israel.

Tue Feb 07, 08:29:00 PM 2006  
Blogger G-D SQUAD said...

wow, fedora, that really puts my whole upbringing into perspective. i grew up in an environment where the "state of Israel" was the reality, there was no question as to whether it should exist or not (but there was also no discussion about my homeboy Moshiach, unfortunately). to hear someone like aumann say that, kind of makes you think.

Tue Feb 07, 11:51:00 PM 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why not join then the international mission of Neturei Karta Join in the desecration of the flag? Join in visiting Iran? Join in marching with Hamas? Join with the voices that seek to annihilate us?

It's so interesting to me how anti-Zionist Jews expect to wait for the Moshiach to solve all the problems. Isn't that what "personal will" is for? Or is this only a relative term of no significance? Without the IDF, no Jews would live in Israel. What then of holy cities - Yerushalayim? Tsfat? Maybe no Jews would even live. At all. Who will stand up for Jews when not the Jews themselves? One not need to peer into a magical mystical ball to reveal what lies ahead; learn from patterns and trends in history. Without the IDF today, maybe none of us would be here. But then again, maybe some Jews wouldn't mind the state of un-life because they are so preoccupied with the "world to come."

Fri Feb 10, 01:15:00 AM 2006  
Blogger G-D SQUAD said...

Don't get me wrong-- I love Israel, and I don't expect Moshiach to solve all my problems.

Now, I disagree with your comment that "without the IDF, no Jews would live in Israel." There has been a continual Jewish presense in Israel for the last two thousand years (without the IDF), even if it was a small presence whose population lived as second-class citizens to Arabs and was subjected to massacres from time to time. This past summer, we saw the IDF forcefully evacuate Jews from their homes in Israel, and recently we saw it happen again in
Amona, even more violently. The IDF beating Jews to bloody pulps, not protecting them. I guess you didn't see the videos.

Some people don't draw a distinction between Jews beating and killing Jews and expelling them from their houses and, say, Nazis or Arabs doing it. In any case, when I see the IDF doing it, it makes me ashamed of The State and certainly makes me wonder if something is dreadfully, dreadfully wrong.

Fri Feb 10, 11:27:00 AM 2006  
Blogger Fedora Black said...


Actually, we don't use magical mystical balls, we use the Torah. If you believe that the Torah is the blueprint of creation, then studying it and following it are the best way to see how creation will unfold and how to follow along with it. Naturei Karta and others with similar views, such as the Satmars (note, Satmars are generally not members of Naturie Karta), actually have strong Torah justification for their views, probably stronger that that of the religious zionists. And just today I read a great interview, which actually suggests that Naturie Karta embraces ideas such as love and justice for all mankind far more than other Jews!

Don't get me wrong, I don't agree with their methods. I am happy that Jew and not others are controlling the Holy sites; it is better for us to live on holy land than other. But the State of Israel is not the rebuilt land of ours that we have been waiting for, for generations. It's a modern political entity that just happens to be run mainly by Jews, and happens to physically occupy much of what was our ancient homeland. Make no mistake about that.

Fri Feb 10, 01:12:00 PM 2006  
Blogger Fedora Black said...

Sorry all, it seems that I messed up on the HTML for the above link.

The site is:

Mon Feb 13, 09:24:00 AM 2006  

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