Friday, April 21, 2006

Coming soon from the Netmessiah

Chag Sameach Everyone!
It was a fabulous Pesach and 420, and thats not the number of glasses of wine I had this passover. I just wanted to let everone at the JewniProj know that I have a buncha things I promise are coming....for example:
1. A look back on the Hillel Seder
2. Pesach at the 12 Tribes Co-Op
3. The release of Yonah's demo
4. the REAL 10 constipated men in the bible song - ive had a ton of requests for this
(everytime I try to sing it at seder, its always after the third glass and I cant quite remember after 8...)
5. Events for the rest of Spring - Concerts, Speakers, Must Do Conferences for the Summer!

Love Ya Lots
Dont let the Matzo Constipation blues
get you down :)
-The NetMessiah


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