Thursday, December 22, 2005


Today I stumbled upon, a webcommunity in the tradition of Friendster and MySpace, but Jewish. Although, I wouldn't say that the Jewish presence in places like MySpace is underdeveloped by any means; we even have rabbis like Rabbi Yonah Bookstein repping Torah there, and I personally am part of a group called 'Tasty Torah Treats' on MySpace. There are actually some quite diverse groups, like 'Chabad', 'Jewish Stoners Union', ect.

In related Jewish online-community news, came out of the closet and recently started offering an option for homosexual dating. Also, it seems like Google is taking over the online universe these days, and is, in good form, introducing their own online community called, and of course, they're using the same method that created so many waves for gmail, you have to be invited to join. Yeah, it's like that.


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