Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Jewish & Muslim Students Come Together Through Social Action

as posted on Jewschool:

The AP reports:

What started out as a modest effort to raise money for a homeless shelter has blossomed into a triumph of understanding and goodwill that managed to overcome centuries of conflict between two of the world’s most antagonistic groups.

A group of 10 Muslim and 10 Jewish girls has been meeting since May to help set up a shelter for homeless families. But the teenagers got much more than they bargained for: a genuine understanding of each other’s culture and religion, and the realization of things they never knew about themselves.

“Project Provide A Home” was launched by the Palisades Emergency Residence Corporation, a 40-bed shelter for single, homeless people. It planned to open a shelter next door for families, and was looking for help.

The shelter hosted a group of Jewish volunteers one week, and another group of Muslims shortly afterward. The symbolism - and the possibilities - were not lost on the executive director, Matt Kamin, a Jew, and Amal Abdallah, a Palestinian who helps line up volunteers to serve meals.

“We were trying to figure out why our communities didn’t get along,” Kamin said. “We started talking and said, `Why can’t we get these two groups together and do something?’ It was that easy.”

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