Sunday, January 15, 2006

Shabbat Report

On Friday night of this past Shabbat, January 13th 2006, there was a heavy rain fall and evening temperatures around 50 degrees. Despite the weather, around 20 students attended Hillel's Friday night events, and around 65 students attended the Chabad Student Center (CSC)'s events (estimates). The Jewish frat AEPi was featured at the CSC dinner, and frat brother Philip Coburn gave an address on the merits of Jewish Brotherhood and Sisterhood. At Hillel, services were conducted with a spirited Carlebach-style davening, followed by a Chinese-style dinner. At the CSC, an excellent traditional five-course meal was served followed by a special brownie-cake dessert in honor of Kira Gaber's birthday. Rabbi Shlomie Chein gave an extraordinary rendition of the last few chapters of the book of Genesis. It was also announced that the CSC is offering that anyone who brings a new friend to the CSC Friday night will be entered in a drawing (at a later time) for an iPod Shuffle.

No school this Monday! Have a great week everyone!


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