Thursday, February 09, 2006

Cabrillo College Jewish Film Festival

Temple Beth El will be hosting a Jewish film festival at Cabrillo College starting on February 26th. Five films will be shown that day, including two of the best films I saw in 2005, Bonjour Monsieur Shlomi and Ushpizin. Then, on March 5, another five films will be shown. Seriously, this is not an event to be missed, so mark your calendars. For info on ticket pricing etc, check out the film fest website here.

The Bay Area keeps surprising me with its efforts to further the art of Jewish film. For example, in October we had an array of films at the San Jose Jewish Film Festival (which included excellent documentaries like 'Forgotten Refugees'), and then there was Spukk'ot (Spooky Sukkot) in Dolores Park in San Francisco on October 23rd where they had a free public showing of 'Ushpizin,' preceded by a free concert and free food. But the JewniProj wasn't really around at that time to inform people :*(
Also here in the Cruz we had a showing of 'Forgotten Refugees' recently.

It's very beautiful. Or as they would say in NorCal, it's hecka beautiful. Or as they would say in yeshiva, it's mamish beautiful.


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