Monday, February 27, 2006

Get Happy!

When Adar arrives, we increase our joy.

---- Talmud, Taanis 29a


Blogger G-D SQUAD said...

Chodesh tov Fedora!

Tue Feb 28, 05:32:00 PM 2006  
Blogger Fedora Black said...

Chodesh Tov to you too, g-man!

(Be careful with the gets addictive!)

Wed Mar 01, 12:32:00 PM 2006  
Anonymous Frum Mommy said...

WOW! I love the dancing! Frum Baby gave your dancing a big thumbs up

Wed Mar 01, 06:59:00 PM 2006  
Blogger Fedora Black said...

Anyone notice that Alef Adar (the 1st of Adar) fell on the same day as the Goyish Ash Wednesday? The same day we start to increase our joy, they decrease thier joy.


Thu Mar 02, 10:56:00 AM 2006  

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