Monday, March 27, 2006

UCSC Religious Leaders Fed Up With Vandalism

The University Religious Council, a non-university sponsored group representing some of the religious movements serving UCSC students, is speaking out about the rise in hate crimes at UCSC.

Read the story here.


Blogger G-D SQUAD said...

These days, it sometimes seems like the Left is the new fascism.

Mon Mar 27, 03:54:00 PM 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What makes you so sure it's the Left that's doing this?

And also, minor correction- the URC is not university sponsored officially, but regularly meets with campus officials, has on-campus events, and meets regularly to discuss campus issues.

-Jacob from that place next to 7-11

Tue Mar 28, 05:13:00 PM 2006  
Blogger G-D SQUAD said...

Um... because I've lived in Santa Cruz long enough to know that certain groups of people really, really like to use nazi imagery and anti-Semitic/anti-Israel imagery to get their points across, and that if you disagree with them, they consider you the enemy.

Just look at who the leftist Resource Center for Non-Violence brings to town. I listen to the radical 101.1 FreeRadio Santa Cruz, and they always have plenty to say negatively of Israel and even sometimes of Jews, but support Palestine blindly.

Just look at the discussion boards on where you see people equating zionism with racism or nazism. A case in point (but there are plenty): here.

I feel that I'm very Left-minded myself, by I never lost sight of the fact that different people are entitled to different opinions, and I respect that. I personally don't think it's, like, skinheads or something who are promoting nazi- or anti-Semitic imagery. It would be more like Norman Finkelstein's ilk.

I also came to this conclusion because I wear a yarmulke and tzit-tzit every day, and if there were real skinheads or neo-nazis or whatever, I think they would have said something to me at least once over the past year (or in 2004 when I was wearing tzit-tzit also). But no one has ever said anything negative to me in Santa Cruz.

The only people who I've felt friction from or debated with or who have threatened people I know with violence are so-called "leftist palestine supporters." So I would assume it was the same people who are tearing down SCIAC flyers, making "Spray-painted swastikas," and slashing stars of david, etc.

But, I'm very interested to hear other people's opinions...

Tue Mar 28, 09:36:00 PM 2006  
Blogger Fedora Black said...


I actually wrote "a non-university sponsored group", that is to say that the university does not sponsor them in any way. So I think that point is clear, at least on the post here. This wording is taking directly from the webpage of the UCSC Office of Student life.

Wed Mar 29, 11:42:00 AM 2006  

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