Friday, April 21, 2006

D.C. and Israel for Free

For anyone insterested in going to D.C. and Israel for free this summer, check it out:
The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD) is looking for exceptional students from Berkeley, Stanford, SFSU, SJSU, UCSC, Santa Clara, or Davis. The FDD ( is accepting applications right now for bay area students, for their "Undergraduate Fellowship on Terrorism" - an anti-terrorism training program. The program will take place in Israel from July 29 - August 13 and Washington D.C. from January 7 - January 10.

The program provides students with a detailed understanding of the terror threat that faces our nation and sister democracies. It is centered on a course taught in conjunction with Tel Aviv University. Participants interact with academics, diplomats, military and intelligence officials, and politicians from Israel, Jordan, India, Turkey and the United States. They also visit military bases, border zones and other security installations to learn the practical side of deterring terrorist attacks. All expenses are paid by FDD. Candidates may contact FDD through their website.
I personally don't know anything about this org, but I thought I'd at least pass the info along.


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