Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Putting Hezbollah in Their Place

An excellent report from inside Israel, from our own UCSC bochur:
I just wanted to clarify-Beit Shemesh is by far not the only place that's had to take in an influx of Jews from Haifa and the northern regions of Israel. Just last Shabbos I happened to be in Kfar Chabad (ironically enough-couldn't get to where I was originally planning to go and it was convenient and near the airport) and there they had taken in many Hassidim from Sfat as well as a whole camp or two of kids from there. The place was packed and I was lucky there was an 'away weekend' at the Baal Tshuvah Yeshiva there so I was able to stay for Shabbos in the dorms.

This further demonstrates the vast differences from both sides that you don't usually hear from most news sources. While Lebanese civilians in many southern towns are 1. being sent leaflets and other news messages by Israel urging them to leave places 2. reportedly being blockaded into some places by Hezbollah and unable to leave 3. (in some cases) intentionally assisting the Hezbollah, and 4. are incontrovertibly being used as human shields for Hezbollah and its good PR cause, most Israeli civilians in the north are either getting the hell out of danger zones or fleeing regularly to bomb shelters. So when one simply reads death counts on both sides of the conflict it's not well representative of what's really going on and definitely doesn't do justice to the real situation.

It should be clear to anyone of any common sense who actually looks into the situation (except maybe a true pacifist who will have a philosophical problem regardless of ethics-these type are, in reality, almost virtually nonexistent) that every bit of collateral and civilian casualties on both sides is the doing of Hezbollah and Hezbollah alone. Israel is simply doing what it has to do in response to a radical imperialist Islamic group that has preemptively waged war on it.

by the way have an easy fast for Tisha Baav,


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