Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Santa Cruz Supports Israel, Despite Women in Black and Other Malcontents

Guest posting by Zach Miller, a UCSC student and Israel activist

In case you didn't know, on August 4 there was a pro-Israel demonstration in downtown Santa Cruz.

Actually, it was a counter-demonstration in response to an anti-Israel protest across the street from the clock tower. Both demonstrations were at the same time and nearly the same place. In front of the post office downtown was a small group of Israel-haters and anti-Americans. Directly across the street from them, by the clock tower, were around 70 Israel supporters, mostly Jews but an impressive number of gentiles. We had Israeli and American flags, dozens of large signs, and a lot of spirit.

a young woman stuck her ugly head out of a car and yelled, "No they don't!"
The turnout really amazed me - I had been expecting a few older Jews, but instead there were many children, teenagers and some (but not enough...) college students. In fact, there were so many people coming to our side that I had to quickly draw a bunch of Israeli flags and signs on notebook paper. Cars passing by honked and yelled, but it was hard to tell which demonstration they supported.

At one point, I was holding a sign which read "The Jewish State Has The Right To Defend Its People," and a young woman stuck her ugly head out of a car and yelled, "No they don't!". But overall, I was impressed by how many people driving buy gave us thumbs-up in approval. The demonstration only lasted an hour, but I think its impact on both the Jewish community and the city at large will last a lot longer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice to see people are standing up and representing. Sounds like it could be pretty intense next year @ UCSC though.

Thu Aug 31, 04:51:00 PM 2006  

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