Friday, August 25, 2006

StandWithUs Comes to Santa Cruz

The listservs have been active lately. Here's one piece of news:
Hello Everyone,

I'm pleased to announce that Santa Cruz now has a chapter of StandWithUs, an Israel advocacy organization that will help us fight the anti-Israelism prevalent in our community and make sure Israel's side of the story is told. We will keep you informed of local events involving Israel, including speakers which we plan to bring to our community and to the UCSC campus. If you know people who support Israel and would also like to be invited to local events and kept informed, please have them email

We have shown that we can come together as a community when, earlier this summer, we published an advertisement for humanitarian aid to Israel in both the "Good Times" and the "Santa Cruz Sentinel", and at our rally downtown when seventy people came to demonstrate their support for Israel. Let us continue to stand with Israel throughout these difficult times.

Please visit to learn more about the organization, and email with any questions regarding our Santa Cruz chapter. MORE SOON!!

Thank you,

Gil Stein
StandWithUs,Santa Cruz
Hatzlacha rabah.


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