Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Look out JewSchool and Jewlicious, there's a new player in town. Ohiso is a brand new blog featuring hip insights into the Jewish world of pop culture. Formed by some of the hippest (oh, maybe second hippest ;) ) Jewish bloggers on the net, Ellie and Akira, Ohiso boasts to give you your fill of "Jewish gossip, tshirts, and more..."

So far, there are not many articles, since they are brand new. Give 'em some time! (They just added me on Myspace today). They have a HUGE tshirt/sweatshirt/yid-gear store (through our dear friends cafepress... of course). Their stuff is funny. I'll admit, the end of the Jewish Punim (Puns plural, Hebrew) gets a little lame... you can tell they were pushed for ideas. But some of their t-shirts made me run through the halls of the 12 Tribes CoOp yelling silly t-shirt slogans (Holla 12 Tribes! Yo!)

Overall, great start. Now, if only Chanukah was a little closer so I could afford those shirts!

Check em Out at Ohiso.com.



Anonymous Oyster said...

Oy, NM. Careful! I read "Jewish Punim" as meaning something completely different...

Wed Oct 25, 12:52:00 PM 2006  

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