Friday, October 27, 2006

Partners in Talmud

Partners in Talmud: Santa Cruz - Kew Gardens

After a very successful pilot project, in which several members of our community learned Talmud one-on-one with members of Rabbi Ya'akov Grossman's community in Kew Gardens, New York and came together virtually for a summary lesson via Webcam, the KT education committee is pleased to announce our first formal Partners in Talmud course.

Here is how it works:

Congregants from Santa Cruz will be paired up with their own individual study partners from the community of Rabbi Grossman in New York. The partners will study Talmud over the phone by scheduling one learning session of about one hour per week at their common convenience. The New York partner, who will have prepared a session with Rabbi Grossman, will call his Santa Cruz partner and review with him/her the material, which will be emailed in advance of the session. Approximately once a month, after completing a segment of learning, participants from both coasts will get together, summarize what they have learned and participate in a joint roundtable discussion via a Webcam connection, which will connect the two groups gathered in their respective cities.

The first topic that will be covered is the lighting of the Chanukah menorah. Partners will begin to learn during the week of October 29 and continue through the week of December 11 (just before Chanukah). If you are interested in participating in this unique learning opportunity, please call 457-0264 or email Tammi:


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