Friday, February 16, 2007

Update on the New Chabad House

I came across a nice write-up about the new Chabad House on Here is an excerpt:
Challenging the generational assumption that in America, being Jewish isn’t really that important, for decades Chabad families have been giving Jewish college students opportunities to grow through education, self-fulfillment and Torah – and to have fun doing so.

A case in point is the established and new-in-the-making Chabad Student Center at the University of California at S. Cruz. Perhaps the most beautiful college campus in the nation – planners nestled buildings among redwood forests and bucolic landscaping not far from the ocean – the school reportedly boasts the highest percentage of Jewish students amongst all universities on the West Coast.

With the purchase of the new Chabad House, the more than 2,800 Jewish students and faculty at UCSC can look forward to a larger place of their own in the near future. The building is being dedicated by philanthropists George and Pamela Rohr. Plans call for a kosher kitchen, grand dining hall, lounge, sanctuary, event garden, guest rooms and a residence for
Rabbi Shlomie and Devorah Leah Chein.

Click here for full article.
Where did they get such incorrect information? UCSC is definitely the most beautiful campus in the nation. Jay kay. But for real, it all sounds very exciting. Much success.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

How does a Rabbi afford this house in Santa Cruz - with a donation from the Rohr family why is the house in Chein's name...Is this really non-profit???

Mon May 21, 07:12:00 AM 2007  
Anonymous granstein said...

Right, when foundations or donators give "houses" or "centers" to the rabbis then the rabbis quickly arrange change of ownership so that they have sole control over the asset....
Therefore it is no longer "non-profit" but the average "Joe" knows nothing of this transaction...
NYC attorney

Mon May 21, 07:16:00 AM 2007  

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