Sunday, December 25, 2005

From the Kosher Top 10 has a kosher top 10 section, not always glatt kosher, not always funny, but I thought this one was pretty good, and particularly relevent to UCSC:

Top 10 Ways You Know You're An Observant Jew Attending a Secular College (by Sarah Galena, et al.)

10. You get a fake I.D. to purchase alcohol...... for kiddush

9 You spend half your college career at the Hillel/Chabad, and the other half complaining about the Hillel/ Chabad.

8. Your professors begin studying Jewish laws in order to verify that the holidays you tell him you observe actually exist.

7. You tell people you took Hebrew 101 to become closer to your heritage..not to mention closer to getting on Dean's List.

6. You did not want to go to Stern/ YU because you wanted to have more academic options, consequently you are majoring in Psychology, minoring in Jewish Studies.

5. Every time a bomb goes off in Israel there is a speaker lecturing on: "The Middle Eastern Conflict, from an Academic Perspective" by professor Abdul-Rahim, followed by a non- denominational prayer service for peace.

4. Your idea of an intense chavrusa is debating whether you should make a bracha on pot-brownies.

3. Shomer Negiah does not include the hot guy/girl who lives on the same floor as you since he/she is not Jewish or if they are, but you don't intend to marry him/her.

2. All your non-Jewish professors are more than accomodating for your observance of Shabbat and Chaggim -- All your Jewish professors schedule the Midterm on the 1st day of Pesach.

1. The Friday night kegger is conveniently renamed "an Oneg".


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