Sunday, March 12, 2006

Co-Op Shabbat, Oh So Hot

This past friday night, March 10th, the Twelve Tribes Jewish Co-op hosted Hillel's Shabbat dinner. Shabbat preparations began with cooking at Hillel fiday afternoon. Laura took command of the kitchen, with help from Yonah, Amelia, and her friends. Beans were soaked, vegetables were peeled, sauces were mixed, and onions were sauteed. Though stressed with the coming of Shabbat, the team put together a good meal.

Around 6:30, guests started arriving at 12 Tribes. The room quickly filled, and people began the long practiced traddition of kibbitzing - chatting and mingling. At 7:00, Laura and Scott began their Reform service with singing. With guitars and loud voices, they lead the group in a camp style musical celebration of Shabbat.

At 7:30, after Kiddush and motzi, dinner was served. Brazillian black bean stew, orzo with raisins, a tossed salad, and chocolate moose, yum! While some guests departed after supper, many stayed for a jazz performance by Scott, Tamar, Elad, and Yoel. Sometime later, after lechayims and dancing, everyone headed home at around 2am.

Co-Op Shabbat, Oh So Hot :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

monica was there taking command of the kitchen also!! - and it was fabulous! thanks for hosting us this past shabbat.


Mon Mar 13, 12:26:00 AM 2006  

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