Thursday, March 02, 2006

KOACH Kallah 2006

This weekend (Feb 24-26) I attended the KOACH Kallah in Columbus, Ohio. This conference, aimed at building Conservative Jewish college leadership, was centered around the concept of Listening For God. The conference featured keynote speaker Rabbi Amy Eilberg, the first woman to be ordained by the Conservative movement, from the Yedidah Center for Spiritual Direction. Learning and discussion sessions were lead by rabbinic students from the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York and the University of Judaism in Los Angeles. Over 80 college student Conservative leaders attended from campuses across the country and Canada. The conference was highlighted by the musical talents of Neshama Carlebach, who led a spirited and soulful kabalat shabbat service, and put on an amazing concert Saturday night. The weekend happend to coincide with my birthday, so the campus advisors, Becky, Mark, and Emily, threw me a surprise party and presented me with giant pink/purple stuffed bunny (very funny guys!) and M&Ms candies. The weekend would not be complete without my crazy travels stories. This trip inclued a lost duffelbag on the way to Columbus, and a bar fight in Atlanta on the way home. Nevertheless, I had a fantastic time. Next year in California!

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