Thursday, March 02, 2006

Week in Preview

This Friday night, March 3rd, is Shabbat. But you already knew that. What you might not have known (if you're one of those other few thousand Jews on campus who weren't there last week) is that there are some rad Shabbat celebrations going on around town, and anyone is welcome, and they're free. Hillel will be having services and dinner up on campus at Merrill at the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) Center. The last time I was at Hillel's GLBT Center Shabbat was four years ago during freshman year, and only three people came! Where is the love? Come on guys, seriously. This is Santa Cruz, afterall. And of course, Friday Night Live will be goin' off like a fire cracker at the Chabad House, as usual (four-course dinner and Rabbinical entertainment included). Special this Friday night at Chabad: Hear the fascinating true tale of Leon Kaplan: The Jew who was born in, then kicked out of, Namibia (Africa) and ultimately made his way to S. Cruz. This week's Friday night Shabbat dinner is sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. Hoffman in honor of their son Ze'ev's Birthday!

Sunday, March 5, hit up some more of the Cabrillo Jewish Film Festival.

Monday evening, dig a little deeper into the Torah with Rabbi Yisroel Gordon at Exploring Judaism.

Tuesday, March 7, free barbeque at Hillel in the evening. The film 10 Days in Gaza will be shown at Hillel at 8pm. And Santa Cruz Israel Action Committee meeting at Stevenson as usual at 8:30pm (all are welcome).

Wednesday, March 8, Kosher BLT with Shalom in the afternoon. At 7pm at the Chabad House, join Shlomie for Tacos & Talmud. At 9pm, elections for the JSU. whoopee.

Friday, March 10, there will be another JSN Shabbaton in Santa Cruz! Halleluya! Also, there will be Hamantaschen and the JSU at Hillel and Friday Night Live at Chabad.

For your viewing pleasure, this is a clip of me and Shlomie dancing and singing on the porch of the Chabad House on Rosh Chodesh to welcome the month of Adar. And if you prefer the more risque end-of-the-week movie, here you go: Jewish Call Girls (don't worry, it's kosher -- certified by the "Triangle K," if you know what I mean).


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Happy Birthday Ze'ev!!!

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