Sunday, May 07, 2006

Jerusalem to the PA, and Jewish Conspiracy in Darfur

In the past two days, there have been two very poignant and telling posts on, framing, I believe, the future of the State of Israel, and Jews in America, respectively.

The first, entitled The Holy City, Divided?, cited an Associated Press article outlining the Israeli government's plans "for dividing Jerusalem" and "giving the Palestinians nearly all the Arab neighborhoods." This is all part of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's plan to decide Israel's final borders by 2010.

A starry-eyed Jewish youth protests the Gaza pullout in Jerusalem, 2005.
The poster, David Kelsey, begins by stating his passive resignation last year during the Gaza pullout. He apparently was one of those who wasn't exceptionally passionate about the pullout, except to stare "in shock and disbelief at my coreligionists in their orange t-shirts" struggling to go on living in their homes. However, since that time, two of the primary predictions of those who opposed the pullout are materializing: rather than ending terrorism, now the terrorists have a wider shooting range from inside Gaza, and part of Jerusalem is marked for giveaway.

For those who saw the Gaza pullout as a step towards peace with the Palestinians, by now it's clear that they were sorely mistaken. Hamas saw the pullout as a victory for Hamas, a victory won by the sword (the sword being suicide bombers and kassam rockets in the 21st century). It seems that the Israeli government is less concerned at this point with peace considerations than with sealing the final borders to Israel and securing a Jewish majority. For those who said they would never even think about giving away an inch of Jerusalem, maybe it's time to be alarmed.

The second post, by deitybox and entitled Damned if we do, brought to light a piece by Gary Leupp published on Dissident Voice, implying very openly that the huge Jewish interest in Darfur has less to do with compassion and more to do with oil and religious fundamentalism.

As is known, and as we have discussed previously on the JewniProj, the movement against genocide in Darfur in the US is being led almost exclusively by Jews and Jewish orgs, and a majority of its constituents are Jewish.

Logic would have us believe that the Jewish interest is related to our own stinging awareness of the world's silence during the genocide that we suffered during WWII; however, Leupp posits that it's all a show--it almost smacks of a modern Jewish conspiracy theory on par with the Protocols! I don't know how prevalent such beliefs are, but I think it's a sign that we Jews shouldn't get too comfortable in the US. They said America was our Safe Haven; well, they also said the Israeli government would never give away an inch of Jerusalem.

The posts can be viewed here: Jerusalem Divided and Damned if we do.


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