Wednesday, May 24, 2006

JSN Shavuot in SC!

Shavuot in Santa Cruz
Rabbi Yisroel & Sandy Gordon of the JSN
Rabbi Shmuel & ChaviVA Braun of JSU
June 1-3
221 1st Ave., Seabright, Santa Cruz
The community is invited to join Rabbi Yisroel & Sandy Gordon of the Jewish Study Network
for a beautiful Shavuot right here in Santa Cruz.
Prepare yourself for unforgettable Torah learning, spirited davening and gourmet Yom Tov meals!
Join us for the whole Chag, or any part that works for you.
Just RSVP to and be a part of it!
Everyone is invited – feel free to forward this message on to all your Jewish friends.
Special thanks to Leon Kaplan, Jeanne Rosen and Dr. Ted & Gloria Shiff
Thursday Night, June 1:
  • Evening Service (Mincha & Maariv) 8:05pm – Candle lighting 8:04pm
  • After davening, a traditional Yom Tov dinner will be served.
  • After dinner: all night torah learning marathon!
Maimonides: The Laws of Torah Study
Torah Structure, Content & Themes in the writings of Nachmanides
Prophets for a Day: Revelation at Sinai & the Sin of the Golden Calf
Friday, June 2:
  • Shacharit: 5:15am sharp! Sunrise: 5:50
  • Lunch (Dairy): 12:30pm (if you’re awake…)
  • Minchah: 7:50pm - followed by Maariv (sunset: 8:23)
  • 9:45pm Friday Night Dinner
Shabbat, June 3:
  • Shacharit: 9:30am (end-time for Shemah: 9:28)
  • Shabbat Lunch: 12:30pm
  • 2:30 – 7:00pm Shabbat Afternoon Torah Study [Refreshments will be served]
The Simcha of Yom Tov: How Should We Celebrate?
Megillat Ruth: Midrashic Perspectives
Becoming a Jew: The Halachot of Conversion
  • Minchah: 7:00pm followed by the Third Meal and Maariv
  • Havdalah: 9:05pm
We look forward to celebrating together the great Chag of Torah.
All meals, davening and Torah study will take place at 122 1st Ave, S.C.
*** Note the new address – bigger & better location ***
This is a free community event brought to you by the Jewish Study Network.
Feel free to join us for the entire Shavuot, or any part that works for you.
Bring a friend!
To find out more about JSN classes and events click here:


Anonymous shalom bochner said...

Santa Cruz is so fortunate to have Rabbi Gordon in town for Shavuot! In addition to this event, there are other wonderful Shavuot holiday gatherings in Santa Cruz this year: at Beth El, Kol Tefillah, Chabad, Chadeish Yameinu and at my house.

For more information about community and campus Shavuot events, contact me at:

Tue May 30, 01:55:00 PM 2006  

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