Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Afghani Goes on Rampage in SF with SUV

And if you ask G-D SQUAD's father, it was an act of terrorism on par with the Seattle Jewish Federation shooting of one month ago; however, G-D SQUAD and his father don't always see eye to eye. San Francisco wouldn't exactly be the best place to hit America where it hurts (pun not necessarily intended)... unless they're trying to terrorize us into not riding bicycles...
(08-29) 20:13 PDT SAN FRANCISCO --A day of hit-and-run horror that started with the death of a Fremont pedestrian and culminated in a half-hour of chaos on the streets of San Francisco ended in the arrest of a 29-year-old driver described by some relatives as mentally disturbed, but by police as apparently rational and unrepentant.

At least 14 people were hospitalized Tuesday in San Francisco after the driver of a black 2004 Honda Pilot cut a path of destruction from the Tenderloin to Laurel Heights, striking pedestrians and a bicyclist in 13 locations starting about 12:45 p.m.

Most of the injured were run down along a corridor of roughly 15 blocks starting on the west end of Pacific Heights. Witnesses said the driver sped up one street and down another, sometimes the wrong way, picking off people in crosswalks and on sidewalks. At least one victim was in critical condition Tuesday night; several others were treated and released.


Police identified the SUV driver as Omeed Aziz Popal, 29, who had just gotten married in his native Afghanistan, was living with his parents in Fremont and had nothing on his criminal record. He was in custody Tuesday evening but had not yet been booked.


A source close to the investigation in San Francisco, however, said Popal showed no signs of mental illness or remorse in his initial interviews with authorities. Popal reportedly told police that he had run down pedestrians "because he just wanted to."

Witnesses in San Francisco described the same unreal, terrifying scene again and again: A black SUV whose driver would chase walkers and bicyclists up the street and across lawns and slammed on the accelerator to pick off his victims.

Full story.
I'll be interested to see what they find at his house.


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