Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Leviathan is back, and better than ever (probably)

UCSC's premier student-produced Jewish mag/newspaper is getting ready for another year of drunken shenanigans scholarship and literary and cultural accomplishments.

No, but seriously, if you're interested in writing for UCSC's best and longest running Jewish publication, our first meeting is tomorrow, Thursday September 28th at 7pm in the Press Center, which is kind of near the Media Center, directly next to the ARC (known more commonly, and incorrectly, as the "ARC Center"). And according to our new Editor in Chief, Ari Breakstone, "there will be some tasty treats [on hand]- ohhhh yeah."

If you're thinking, "Oh man, why would I even want to write for a dorky Jewish publication," let me give a sample list of some of the titles of articles from our last issue: 420 on Passover, "The apartheid state of Israel," Hassidic Trance Party, Israeli punk??!?!... you get the idea. Come check it out.

And word on the street is Leviathan is going to have a website up and running sometime this year, so keep your eyes and ears open.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

a website????


I wonder who ever could be the intrepid entrepreneur/innovator creating this new website.

and 'dorky Jewish publication' Has V'shalom!--who would ever think such a thing?

Well I better shut up now and say L'chaim.

By the way this post was courtesy of your Bartenura Uri, you brought it upon yourself. It's the yaiyin speaking I tells ya (I normally don't leave insignificant comments on silly blogsites)

Bon Voyage L'Yerushalayim,

Wed Sep 27, 10:54:00 PM 2006  

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