Monday, September 18, 2006

Shabbat Report: Matisyahu Revisited

One week ago during Shabbat, September 8-9, eight students from UCSC came to Berkeley to spend some time with Matisyahu and family. It was a beautiful Shabbat overall, and I personally want to send a special thanks to the Ferris family for hosting us, and to the Chein family for organizing it on the UCSC side.

Also in attendance was my friend and Bay Area blogmeister himself Oyster (formerly TAltman) from Oy Bay!, Laura from The J-Life, and of course the Chein family from the Chabad Student Center at UCSC (

In the midst of the lavish Friday night dinner, Matisyahu himself was mixing drinks for students over at my end of the table. After dinner, Talia Miller gave a valuable shiur/Q&A on Jewish intimacy.

Saturday our own Rabbi Shlomie Chein gave a d'var Torah about the time he met Bill Clinton when he was still the Prez (and when Shlomie was still the Bochur). The whole story was an analogy for Rosh HaShanah, when we need to prepare ourselves to meet with the King of kings; and hey, even though we might not be "dressed" for the occasion, and even though we might feel like we're just too distant spiritually for approaching G-d at this awesome time, we need to keep in mind that all that doesn't matter. Whatever we can offer is enough, and we have a whole new year to improve ourselves.

So Oyster got some pretty sweet pics and wrote a couple informative posts about the weekend; Click here to check it all out.


Anonymous Oyster said...

Hey, not to mention some exclusive video of the Matisyahu concert itself!!

And I still need to write one or two more posts on the weekend. I'll get to it, I promise! My Jew Year's resolution...

Fri Sep 22, 02:50:00 PM 2006  

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