Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Want to spend Shabbat with Matisyahu?

Did I stutter? I don't think so. If you want to spend Shabbat Chabad-style with Chassidic reggae superstar Matisyahu on Friday and Saturday, September 8-9, click here for details (and if spending Shabbat with Matisyahu isn't enough, the whole Chein family will be there as well!). The shabbaton is free for UCSC students; don't thank me, thank the Chabad Student Center. And don't forget to RSVP.

In other Matisyahu-related news, a new Matisyahu website (MatisyahuWorld.com) was recently launched, but is not yet fully functional. So far, there is a nice d'var Torah from Matis and a new remix of Jerusalem.

This past Shabbos I think I met one of Matisyahu's biggest fans. He related how at Purimpalooza, he waited outside without a ticket because he heard that even though it was sold out, they were still going to sell a few tickets; but they didn't. So he just waited for like six hours. He also got a parking violation, and he said that he ended up losing about $500 throughout the night, which I hope was an exaggeration. But, it was maybe worth it, because "I actually saw The Man walk into the building; Matisyahu." Gevalt, gevalt! I told this guy to keep an eye on the JewniProj if he wants updates on The Man. Hopefully he took my advice.


Anonymous Matisyahu Blog said...

I cross-posted this on my little blog.

Hope you don't mind!

Go Chabad!

Wed Aug 30, 04:31:00 PM 2006  

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