Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Shofar, [not] so good

Here's an alert sent out by Rabbi Shalom Bochner (thank you sincerely for the heads-up):
A Christian man who is involved with a "Judeo-Christian" group is doing a public shofar blowing at 7:30 pm on the first day of Rosh HaShanah (Saturday 9/23) at the clock tower downtown. He came into Hillel today and asked me to hang up one of his fliers, which I obviously didn't do. We spoke for about 1/2 hour and he was respectful but still didn't seem to understand why Jewish organizations won't / can't support messianic Jews for Jesus events. Anyway, in case anyone is interested, they are doing this event and I am sad to think there might be Jews who will be tempted to get involved with this church when they hear the shofar. Anyone wanna go down there and put on a real Rosh haShanah event?

These missionizing types really bug me.
Yasher koach Shalom. What chutzpa, to try to put up a Christian missionary flier in Hillel. Keep us updated.


Anonymous shalom bochner said...

Now that I am more calm I think that worst thing that we could do would be to draw any more attention to this "event". As a friend of mine just said, Rosh HaShanah is probably the one day that most Jews are at a synagogue and there probably won't be anyone at this "event" (Jewish or non-Jewish) if we don't help draw attention to it. Even negative attention is probably something we should avoid at this point.

I have real deep issues with "Jews" for Jesus. While it touches alot of my emotional buttons, I know inside that the best response is not confrontation or even engagement with these people. The best response is Jews being Jewish and being strong and proud.

Tue Sep 12, 10:52:00 PM 2006  
Anonymous Eitan Altshuler said...

I'm still going to Tree 9 to blow the shofar on Thursday or Sunday if anyone wants to go

Wed Sep 13, 09:49:00 AM 2006  
Blogger G-D SQUAD said...

Eitan, did you get my email? I'm down to go on Thursday, I'm pretty sure, after like 5:30 or 6pm. I think it's a great idea. Let me know when you decide on the date though, and I'll post it up.

Fri Sep 15, 12:08:00 AM 2006  
Anonymous Eitan Altshuler said...


I think Shalom and I want to reschedule it for 6:00, and we'll all meet at the BayTree Plaza.

Fri Sep 15, 07:21:00 PM 2006  

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