Sunday, February 18, 2007

S.C. Lecture: Torah & the Environment

Torah ‎and the Environment

Rabbi Yaakov Grossman presents the Jewish ethos on Man’s role in Nature.‎

Learn about Judaism’s outlook on:‎

Global warming
Zoning laws
Preserving ecosystems
City planning
Green belt

What does the Talmud say about development vs. preservation?‎

• balancing the need for parkland against expanding cities
• eminent domain
• grandfather clauses
• compensation
• the individual vs. the community

All these critical issues will be addressed in a talk by Rabbi Yaakov Grossman, a lecturer in ‎Talmud at Yeshivas Sha’ar HaTorah in Queens, New York. Rabbi Grossman has blessed the ‎Santa Cruz community with his teachings with visits dating back to 2004.‎

February 24, Saturday Night at 7:45‎
Santa Cruz Hillel House
, 222 Cardiff Place

This lecture was made possible by the Jewish Study Network
Raising the level of Jewish literacy in the Bay Area.

A special thank you to the Hillel for hosting!


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