Monday, April 24, 2006

Pesach @ The 12 Tribes Jewish Co-Op

Pesach, oh what joy!

Pesach at the 12TJC was fascinating. So many Jews, so many customs. It was as complicated as asking Jewish mothers to pick pizza toppings. But in the end, there was a consensus. -- Sephardi on the left, Ashkenazi on the right :) Meals were all Ashkenazi style, with Sephardi options on the side.

I survived exclusively on matzo pizza, a delicacy developed by our forefathers Antonio, Yoshi, and Joseppi back in the Old Country. Matzo pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, not to mention midnight snack.

I got to make my famous matzo lasagna, if you missed out, let me know, and I'm sure I can whip you up some, provided you supply the matzo.

And then we discovered the Israeli chocolate-hazelnut spread. Like Moshiach in a tub. That, and tequila. If only the Israelites had had it this good :)

So eight days we toiled under the oppression of the matzo-constipation, and on the 9th day, we celebrated at SeaBright Brewery. It's funny how hard beer will hit you after not eating bread for a week.

So this is what I propose. I saw online about Passover cruises with professional chefs and whatnot, everything taken care of. Let's do the same thing at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. We go all out for Spring Break.

Next Year In Vegas!!!


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