Sunday, May 14, 2006

Israeli Court Bars Potential Terrorists From Entering Israel

The JTA reports:
Israeli Arabs are upset after Israel’s top court upheld a controversial law that prevents Palestinians married to Israeli Arabs from living in Israel.


At least one of the Palestinian suicide bombers to have struck since 2000 was a resident of Israel through marriage, and Israeli Jews are all the more suspicious of Palestinians since they voted in a Hamas government earlier this year.


“On this day, the High Court effectively approved the most racist legislation in the State of Israel: legislation which bars the unification of families on the basis of national belonging: Arab-Palestinian,” Adalah, the legal center for Arab minority rights in Israel, said in a statement.

Adalah likened the ruling, which means that many Israeli Arabs will either have to live apart from their Palestinian spouses or move to the West Bank or Gaza Strip, to South Africa under apartheid. Israeli officials have long rejected such comparisons as false, given the open conflict with the Palestinians and other constitutional rights generally enjoyed by Israeli Arabs.

Full story.
If those families want to be united so bad, why don't the Israeli Arabs move out of Israel? Oh, that's right, because their lives inside Israel are so much better than anything a Palestinian government would provide them with--those sneaky racist, Nazi, Zionist occupiers!

In my 2004-5 term in Jerusalem, I once had the unique opportunity of visiting the Dialogue College for Islamic Studies in Tira, Israel. I was able to speak one-on-one and in group settings with a number of Palestinian nationalists, all of whom admitted that while they unquestioningly support the creation of an Arab-Palestinian state beside the State of Israel, they would not move there once it was created. Life is just too sweet inside the Zionist Colony, eh Abdul Malik?

In related news, a recent survey found that "62% of Israelis would like to see the government actively encourage Arabs to leave Israel," which must be, in light of the article quoted above, a compassionate move to unite Arab families--or maybe it's just because Israelis want to live in peace without the fear of being blown up every day. Full story. Cross-posted on Jewschool.


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