Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Shabbat in the Mission

For anyone in the Bay Area, the Mission Minyan is in full effect this coming Shabbos. Just as a reminder, it's an energetic, lively, "egal" minyan (i.e. mixed seating, women lead some parts of the davening) with Jews from all different backgrounds, but I would say it's a mostly Reform/Conservative crowd; however, they use Carlebach tunes and it has a ModOrth feeling, if you can say such a thing.

This Friday night join us for Big Shabbos. Somewhat bigger than your
average Shabbos, because lots of you get together for dinner afterwards
and make this awesome Shabbosy thing happen together!

Friday July 7, 7:00 PM
Kabbalat Shabbat At the Women's Building
3543 18th St. between Guerrero and Valencia.
We'll be in the Audre Lorde room on the second floor. Don’t be late or
you’ll miss it. Poof!

HOST a Dinner!
Can you host a dinner after davenning? It's an amazing way to meet new
people and check it – you don’t have to be some kind of big shot, or some
kind of gourmet chef or some kind of old school hipster or anything. You
just have to have an extra seat or two at your dinner! Help our community
grow stronger and tighter and consider having some folks over!

Please let Marissa know ASAP that you’re in. Her email is
myrrhmades@yahoo.com and she for sure needs to hear from you lickety
split, like by Wednesday AM at the latest.

Naturally we hope that the Minyan community is growing tight enough that
friends are inviting new friends and old ones over for dinner on their
own. But if you’re new to our community, or visiting from out of town,
etc, we’d love to connect you with a meal so that you can start making
connections. Drop Marissa, our wonderful volunteer meal matcher this
month, an email at myrrhmades@yahoo.com so that she can do the figuring.

It's very important that you contact Marissa by Wednesday so that she has
time to make the matches…it’s harder work than you’d think! Please be sure
to include important details like:

I'm a vegetarian / I'm vegan
I'm kosher and need to eat it a home with hechshered products and separate
sets of utensils / I'm kosher but as long as any meat is kosher I'm fine
eating anywhere
I’m allergic to peanuts / I hate bean sprouts / etc etc. (Okay just
kidding, we don’t care what you hate.)

I need to eat somewhere walking distance from the Women’s Building
I’m flexible about location, don’t worry about it.
I am bringing my partner/friend/pet rhesus monkey with me.
You can contact me at this email and this phone number_______________

Please be as complete as possible and we'll do what we can to match you up!

* * *


Well well well things change. And we’ve decided that everyone’s life is
easier and more fun and spiritual if we have our Saturday morning services
on the 3rd Shabbos of each month from hereon out. So mark your calendar –
the next Shabbat morning service will be on July 22, NOT THIS WEEKEND.

Saturday July 22, 9:30 PM
In the apartment complex of Jen Naylor: 1839 15th Street b/w Dolores and
Walk into the circular driveway off 15th street. We will be in the rec
room in the front of the building, you can’t miss it!

If you are interested in participating in the service by leyning, leading
part of the service, hagba, etc, let David know ASAP at
marhevka@calmail.berkeley.edu. And likewise if you want to be part of the
lunch afterwards by contributing food or eating it, let us know at
hospitality@missionminyan.org. We’ll make sure to include you on the
Shabbat lunch evite.


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