Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New Location for tonight's Class

Last minute change in venue...

Tonight's Nefesh HaChaim class will be at Sam's place.

7:30 as usual. (We'll probably be talking more about Shabbat Zachor & Purim than the Nefesh HaChaim tonight.)

Address: 101 Soquel Avenue, Apt. 418.


This is in the "Border's" bookstore building at the corner of Pacific and Soquel Ave. You will find the entrance towards the back of the building on the Soquel Avenue side. There is an electronic directory; scroll through the names until you find "Sam Koplowicz" and the numeric code, punch it on the keypad which will ring my apartment.
After entering the lobby, proceed to the elevator and go to the 4th floor (the only option). Upon entering the roof-top garden, turn right and right again to find Apt. 418. In case of difficulty please call 426-7566.
Parking is plentiful within one or two blocks of this location. There is the Front Street/Soquel garage right next door. There are meters all around (free after 8:00 p.m.), including on Front Street, onSoquel Ave., also one block away on River St., etc., and a free surface lot off Front St. at the corner of Cathcart (behind the Del Mar Theatre).

Share the wealth. Bring a Jewish friend!


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