Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Shabbat Report

Praises to the Most High. It's been quite a while since I've published a Shabbat Report, but this past Shabbat was definitely Report worthy, so here we go. Also, before I begin, Friday was Pesach Sheni and starting Monday night is La''G BaOmer.

Friday night was the second ever Bochur Pad Minyan; it was about student-initiated guerrilla davening, heartfelt praise, and bringing Jerusalem a little closer to our little piece of galus. The spirited Carlebach-style Kabbalat Shabbat was led by my homie Yonah Feinstein, a fourth-year student and a member of the Twelve Tribes Co-op.

After davening, greeting and well-wishing our Angelic escorts, and praising the Woman of Valor, we each made Kiddush, washed, and began the meal of the Holy Ancient One. Organic challah, dips and spreads, fish, tangy organic salad, chicken soup, home-cooked rosemary-garlic chicken and spicy asparagus, and lemon cake and strawberry sauce, made from scratch, with love. The meal was filled with zmiros and sprinkled with l'chaims; the scent of Arak, the anise-flavored favorite of many Sephardic Jews, hung lightly in the air.

One of my friends called the dinner "Chein-worthy," which is, in my opinion, one of the best compliments a Shabbat dinner can receive in Santa Cruz (for those who live outside of Santa Cruz or who live in town but have never been, it was a reference to the lavish Friday night dinners at the Chabad Student Center).

Thank you to everyone who came and helped elevate the evening, and thank you ABreakSt for the drinks. Werd. And Jewslug was missed (and, of course, FedoraBlack was missed, as usual, but he was somewhere really cool for Shabbat anyway).

Saturday morning the Bochur Pad contingency went to shul, which was disappointing to say the least. No chazzan, no minyan, no drash. But the walk there and back was nice.

My housemate (the quintessential closet-Chassid) prepared Shabbat lunch (we'll call him "Lil Bud" because he wishes to remain anonymous). The Maitl Place and a number of other homies joined us. As part of the first course, we had a special treat of spicy fish stew cooked by Amittai, and Lil Bud prepared the rest of the meal, including a thick and meaty cholent, cooked just right. It was the crown-jewel of the meal and received a number of genuine compliments from a number of people.

It was a heimish Shabbat, one of the best kinds. Next Shabbat, I'll be reporting from Stanford.


Blogger Fedora Black said...

Ahh thanks, it is nice to be missed. But yes, I had a great time hanging out with the kollel in Palo Alto (aka. the JSN) all shabbos, doing some great learning and partying.

Mon May 15, 03:11:00 PM 2006  
Blogger JewSlug said...

It really is nice to be missed. Thanks for the mention, and you should know that I missed you guys just as much. Stanford should be great this coming Shabbos too.

Tue May 16, 11:25:00 AM 2006  

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