Tuesday, March 06, 2007

"The Producers" in Hebrew

I just got back from seeing "The Producers" musical in Hebrew over in Tel Aviv. I have to say that overall I was impressed with the translation but a little disappointed with the production since I had seen a more exciting one back in San Francisco... :)

The interesting part was seeing the level of sensitivity to all Holocaust related material that was quite uncensored in the original movie/musical. Most of the jokes were the same and obviously they still had the big "Springtime for Hitler" dance but at certain points in the play there was no doubt that this was a performance for Israeli Jews.

In some ways it ended up being funnier. While Bialystock and Bloom are pretending to swear a blood oath to protect Hitler's name they spit and mutter "imach shmo" [may his name be erased] under their breath (but loud enough for the audience to hear and appreciate.) At other points the sensitivity proved to be disappointing, since the spinning and dancing in the shape of a swastika was probably my favorite part of the original movie/musical, and it was cut from the Israeli production. Overall the conscientious visuals and dialogues helped add another level of humor and intelligence to an already complex storyline.

If the Jewish people are ready to sit and watch men in tight leather pants with swastikas on their arms dancing on a stage then I think we have reached a very good place in our growth as a people. Tomorrow night my grandparents, both of whom lived through the Holocaust, will be going to see the show. I can't wait to hear what they'll think of it.


Blogger G-D SQUAD said...

So what did the grandparents think?

And did you move out of Jerusalem yet?

Wed Mar 14, 07:58:00 PM 2007  
Blogger gogalucky said...

they thought it was okay. i think my grandmother was bored, but definitely not offended. she told me about how some friends of her told her to stay away because it's a "nazi play" and she thought they were being silly.

yeah i'm not there any more. i might go back after my course though, we'll see where they put me..

Mon Apr 02, 05:13:00 AM 2007  

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