Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Santa Cruz Jewish clothing?

Found a bunch of clothing with the label "Santa Cruz Jew" on it at Weird. And bumper stickers.

History of Jews in Santa Cruz

I found this article on the Santa Cruz public library website, written by Ross Eric Gibson, about the history of Jews in Santa Cruz.

Kosher in the Bay Area!

Adam Savel forwarded me this email from R' Levin in Palo Alto:

> Today I visited Albertsons in Los Altos. As
> promised a while ago, due primarily to the efforts
> of Jackie Bocian and Rebbetzin Rena Schochet, they
> have begun installing a major kosher department in
> the store, It will take another 2 days to get
> everything set up, but already the frozen food
> selection is amazing, (check out the huge selection
> of Klein's ice cream) and tomorrow and Thursday many
> more products are being set out, including fresh
> meat and poultry, baked goods, candy, a full line of
> cholov Yisroel products including milk, and much
> more.
> The people at Albertsons had asked me not to
> publicize this until later in the week, since it is
> by no means ready, but since I saw three other
> announcements this evening, I figured I might as
> well go ahead.

I mapped it on Google- local; click here for directions and a map.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Chassidic slideshow from

American Apparel, a company founded by m.o.t. Dov Charney, is "a vertically integrated manufacturer and retailer of clothing for men, women, kids and dogs. Meaning, we've consolidated all stages of production under one roof at our downtown Los Angeles factory—from the cutting and sewing, right through to the photography and marketing." They claim to pay the highest wages to workers in the garment industry and provide many benefits.

Interestingly, on the Commerce page of AA's site, there is a slideshow of a Chassidic store in Montreal.

Download and print your own bencher for free!

I received a link to this website Az Yashir Moshe (Then Moses Sang) where you can download and print the Birkat HaMazon, Shabbos songs, etc. for free. Check it out:

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Welcome to the Jewnification Project at UCSC. I created this space with the intention that we could bring together a quickly growing and diversifying Jewish community.