Thursday, April 12, 2007

Emergency Campaign for Burned Child in Tzefas

I recieved the following email from the Nechal Novea Tsfat Fund:

Rabbi Binyamin Rosenberg, director of Eizer L'Shabbos, has called out to all "rachamonim bnei rachamonim" to come to the aid of an American family now living in Tzefas, whose ten year old son Akiva Shimon ben Doba was severely burned during bi'ur chometz near his home in the Ma'or Chaim apartment complex, when a youth with behavioral issues threw a can of turpentine into the fire.

Akiva Shimon – who was standing farthest away from the bonfire – was hit directly by the explosion, and received third degree burns to his face, hands, and stomach. A Chassid from Borough Park visiting relatives in Tzefas was on the scene, and saved the boy's life by tackling him and extinguishing his burning clothing. The family spent Yom Tov in the Intensive Care Unit and subsequently stayed with a burn specialist in Bnei Brak. It is estimated that the father will have to bring his son for treatments three times a week for the next month, and then at least once a week until it is determined if he can treat his son at home. In addition to medical expenses, the father (who works in a local seforim store) will lose much work time and income.

Please send your tax-deductible contribution to:

Eizer L'Shabbos c/o Rabbi Zvi Davis 1161 East 9th St., Brooklyn, NY 11230

Checks should be earmarked "Akiva Shimon Fund" at bottom.


Also: please daven for Akiva Shimon ben Doba – whose emunah and savlonus are an example to all. May he have a speedy refu'ah sheleimah without ANY scars, physical or emotional, im yirtza Hashem!

The Nechal Novea Tsfat Fund and Eizer L'Shabbos are both legit funds that due amazing work, and I suggest that you consider sending a donation to this cause.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


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